Finding Summer Employment

Summer vacation is an excellent time to gain valuable full-time work experience, as well as earn money for tuition and living expenses. In particular, internships are a opportunity to make industry contacts in your field of choice and could lead to full-time work following graduation.

Before beginning a summer job search, plan your career goals and focus on finding a job that fits those goals. Even if you are still uncertain, a broadly defined plan can help land a job that will give you experience and knowledge to further refine your long-term goals.

Research companies in your field of choice and determine what type of company you would prefer to work for. When applying for such jobs, you can custom tailor cover letters and interviews for that specific company. Demonstrate to the company that you are genuinely interested in working for them.

Also determine where you will staying during the summer. If you are staying in a different city (with your parents, for example), then plan on seeking a job in that location.

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